Meta Bounty Hunters Referrer ID

Dear Crypto Lovers,

NFTs are all over the crypto space. Big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Gucci are getting involved in this very exciting and trending cryptocurrency space, embracing, and launching their own NFTs.

Budweiser has spent a handsome amount of money to promote their N3XT NFTs at the Super Bowl 2022. 112.3 million people were watching this mega event on TV. This is the most expensive time to run a commercial.

Bud Light has created more than 12,000 NFTs that will be sold at $399 apiece. These NFTs are tied to the new beer brand N3XT. Collection HODLers will receive something very real which is a pair of glasses.

Bud Light N3XT Collection

Why would someone spend $6.5 million per 30 seconds for an ad?

Before we answer that, let’s back up for a second. What the heck is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Non-Fungible means, it cannot be exchanged for another item because it’s unique. For instance, one piece of art is not equal to another. Both have unique properties.

On the other hand, fungible items can be exchanged for one another. For instance, one dollar or Bitcoin is equal to another.

Ok, but what is an NFT? NFTs are tokens that live on the Blockchain and represent ownership of unique items. Why is that helpful? Well, tracking who owns a digital file is tricky because it can be copied and distributed effortlessly. So how can you prove who is the original owner if everyone has an identical copy of the file?

NFTs solve this problem. Imagine that you have a piece of digital art, essentially a JPEG on your computer. You can create or mint an NFT out of this.

This token is stored on the Blockchain and you, the artist, become the owner. Now you can sell the token by creating a transaction on the Blockchain.

It’s important to understand that the art itself is not stored on the Blockchain. Only its attributes, such as the fingerprint or hash of the file, token name and symbol.

Well, here is when NFTs become weird. When you buy an NFT that represents artwork, you don’t get a physical copy of it. Most of the time, everyone can download a copy for free.

What is an NFT?

NFT only represents ownership and that’s recorded on the Blockchain, so nobody can temper with it. Some say that NFTs give you digital bragging rights.

And to make it ever weirder. While the token owner owns the original artwork, the creator of the NFT retains the copyrights and the reproduction rights. So, an artist can sell his original work as NFTs but he can sell physical prints.

NFTs can be anything digital, like concert tickets, domain names, in-game items, or real-estate. It can be anything unique and needs proof of ownership.

It can even make an NFT out of this article and sell it to you. You can be the owner of it, even though anyone can read it.

The big problem with NFTs

Digital art might be beautiful and nice to own. However, most of the time it’s an illiquid asset. You might be proud to own a nice pair of digital Nike sneakers. But if no one wants to buy them, you basically are sitting on a dead asset.

Sure, there are NFTs that made the owners a huge amount of money.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection is the best example. Minting price of this collection was 1.6 Ethereum and the floor price is 98 Ethereum today.

Bored Ape Yacht Club On OpenSea

But how did the people who minted the Apes know that the collection will become so popular? I bet, most of them didn’t. Sometimes, it takes a bit of luck to generate life changing income.

NFTs with utility are the next big thing

Some NFT creators understood the problem and started working on solutions. Budweiser offers a physical product attached to their NFTs.

Some other NFT artists offer a share of royalties earned on the marketplace.

Top tier utility NFTs offer passive income to NFT HODLers.

Can you image you own a piece of digital art that pays you daily or weekly passive income? Even better if it grows in value as well.

The Secret Society XX Club is one of the pioneers in this space. Their goal is to build an online casino and to share profits of that business with NFT HODLers. However, some of the NFTs out of their collection will be eligible to receive passive income. So, we come back to the issue of being lucky since the attributed of every NFT are distributed randomly.

Secret Society XX Collection

Meta Bounty Hunters

Meta Bounty Hunters is the world’s first liquidity backed NFT with passive income. And you don’t have to be lucky to grab an NFT with passive income. Every single NFT of out 8888 come with passive income from a high-performance staking pool.

Here is the best part: Not only every NFT comes with passive income, but also with some unique artwork with multiple attributes.  If you pick a rare one, you might be able to make some significant gains by reselling the NFT on OpenSea.

The unique artwork was designed by a 30-year-old veteran in the comic book industry Mike Miller. He has designed some of the most popular illustrations in the scene.

His first experience in the NFTs space was with Bitboy Crypto, one of the most popular crypto youtubers. Later, he created his own NFT collection called Funky Monkey Frat House.

Funky Monkey Frat House

Meta Bounty Hunters Passive Income

The minting price of each of the 8888 Meta Bounty Hunters will be $2000.

85% of the minting price will be placed in a high-performance staking pool managed by Calli.Finance.

Staking results will be distributed across all NFT HODLers on a weekly basis via a smart contract.

First staking results will be available six weeks after minting.

Meta Bounty Hunters Referral ID

Community members who will help growing the Meta Bounty Hunters family will be rewarded with affiliate commissions.

25% of staking results will be reserved for the referral program and will be distributed across seven levels as residual commissions.

Level 1 – 20%

Level 2 – 10%

Level 3 – 8%

Level 4 – 8%

Level 5 – 8%

Level 6 – 8%

Level 7 – 10%

Depending on the rarity of your Meta Bounty Hunter you can earn additional rewards. Top 1000 rare NFTs will be rewarded with additional 2% passive income. Top 100 items will get another 2% on top.

There will be 4% reserved for giveaways and charitable DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

Most active referrers will be able to participate in four different global bonus pools which contain 4% of all referral commissions.

You will earn a share in the 1st global pool if 20 NFTs will be minted by people who used your referral ID. However, a single referral can contribute maximum 60% to these 20.

You will earn a share in the 2nd global pool if 100 NFTs will be minted in your first three levels. No more than 60% can come from one personally referred member.

You will earn a share in the 3rd global pool if 1000 NFTs will be minted in your first five levels. No more than 60% can come from one personally referred member.

You will earn a share in the 4th global pool if 5000 NFTs will be minted in your first seven levels. No more than 60% can come from one personally referred member.

How to join Meta Bounty Hunters

Meta Bounty Hunters is an invite only community. You will need a personal referrer ID or referrer code.

To start minting your NFT you will need a Web3 wallet on the Ethereum Network.

We recommend MetaMask. MetaMask can be used as a mobile app or a Google Chrome extension.

Both can be downloaded here:

To sign up with Meta Bounty Hunters please go to

Enter this URL into the browser of your mobile MetaMask wallet or into your Google Chrome browser with MetaMask extension (you must be logged into MetaMask).

STEP 1A in the sign-up process will require you to enter a Referrer ID (also called Referrer Code).

You can get your Referral ID from the person who introduced you to Meta Bounty Hunters.

If you don’t have a referrer, feel free to grab this Referrer ID: tommezosi

Meta Bounty Hunters Referrer ID

Enter your Referrer ID and click Verify.

STEP 1B: Connect Your MetaMask Wallet. You don’t have to do it on your mobile app. On your desktop just sign into your MetaMask extension.

STEP 2 in the sign-up process will require you to create your own Referrer ID that you will be sharing with your referrers.

STEP 3-1 will ask you to follow their Twitter account.

STEP 3-2 will require you to join their Discord channel and enter your Discord ID.

Discord can be used via your browser or via a mobile app that can be downloaded here:

Once registered, you can grab your Discord ID. Typically it’s in the bottom left on your desktop and bottom right on your mobile.

STEP 4 will ask you for your email address and phone which is an optional entry.

STEP 5 is the final step that asks you to solve the captcha to make sure you’re not a robot.

Now you can hit the SIGN UP button!

Congratulations. You’re now part of the Meta Bounty Hunters family.

How to mint your first Meta Bounty Hunter

Now that you are signed up you can start minting your first Meta Bounty Hunter.

Minting might not be available when you’re reading this article since there is a limited supply.

The Public Mint launched on 17th February 2022. Following this mint, 80 NFTs will be made available for minting every Thursday.

Follow the official social media channels (especially the Discord channel) to check availability.

To mint your Meta Bounty Hunter, go to and hit the MINT YOUR META BOUNTY HUNTERS button.

You will need 0.65 Ethereum on your MetaMask wallet plus some Ethereum for fee. To be on a safe side prepare $2100 worth of Ethereum.

Choose the amount and hit the MINT button to mint your NFT.

Confirm the mint in your MetaMask. Done!

You are now part of the MBH community. Enjoy your passive income and follow the official channels for updates:

Telegram Channel:

Telegram group:




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