Meta Bounty Hunters – Public Mint On 17th February

Good afternoon MBH Holders!

We have some great news for you! There are officially 2,470 MBH purchased from our whitelist mint as of today. Together, we had over $1,000,000 of MBH NFTs sold within first 27 minutes of our whitelist being open, and well over $3,000,000 within 24 hours! It has been wildly successful so far, because of YOU, our awesome MBH Community! As you know, we allowed for up to 2,700 to be minted. However, not every single person that used up a whitelist seat was able to mint, which means we have 230 available for whitelisters.

We wanted to do something special for you all and give our current MBH Holders the chance to acquire one of those remaining 230 from our whitelist mint reserves!

Starting at 12 pm Eastern 2/16/22, we are going to have a first come first serve reopening ONLY to those of you that currently hold a MBH NFT. You will have the chance to purchase up to 1 more MBH NFTs during that reopening period. Once the 230 are gone and we officially have the whitelist of 2,700 MBH minted, then it will be permanently closed until our Public Mint that starts at 12:01 AM Eastern this Thursday (2/17/22).

Reach out to anyone you may have referred that is a MBH NFT holder so they can get a shot at getting one of the 230 left!

You don’t have a referrer? Click here.

Here is a summary with important dates:

16th February 2022

Whitelisted members will be able to mint one of the 230 additional MBHs made available.

12 PM Eastern Standard / 5 PM UK/ 6 PM Central European Time

17th February 2022

Public Mint starts on 17th February 2022!

12:01 AM Eastern Standard / 5:01 AM UK / 6:01 AM Central European Time

How to get ready for the public mint?

You have to be verified (signed up) to be able to participate in the Public Mint to get your first Meta Bounty Hunter!

STEP 1: Enter in your MetaMask mobile wallet or your Google Chrome browser with MetaMask extention.

MetaMask wallet can be downloaded here:

STEP 2: Go through the sign up process.

Enter your Referrer ID and hit “verify”.


Create your own Referrer ID:

a) Join Twitter
b) Join their Discord channel you will need your Discord # to move forward

Don’t have Discord yet? Click here:

Enter your Discord # into the whitelist form:

c) Put in your phone number and email (optional).
d) Then it will spin for a WHILE and then you will get a picture like this.

Have your team members repeat the process with your REFERRER ID.

What’s next?

Public Mint will take place on 17th February. Follow the steps to mint your NFT:

Join our channels to stay up to date!

Telegram Channel:

Telegram group:




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