How to buy Meta Bounty Hunters NFT?

Meta Bounty Hunters has officially launched on 17th February! Read the full review here.

Join the the biggest NFT project of 2022 now!

1) Go to METAMASK, you will need to be on the Ethereum Main network. then to browser and paste the below link:

Use MetaMask on your mobile or as a Google Chrome extention in your browser. Download MetaMask here:

2) REFERRER ID: limbix

Enter your Referrer ID and hit “verify”.

Create your own Referrer ID:

3) Join Twitter
4) Join their Discord channel

This step is a must for the sign up! To download Discord click here:

Enter your Discord # into the whitelist form. You will find your Discord name by clicking on the profil icon in the botton right of your Discord app.

Enter your Discord # here:

5) Put in your phone number and email (optional).
6) Then it will spin for a WHILE and then you will get a picture like this.

Repeat same process with your directs using YOUR referral ID.

What’s next?

Public Mint will take place on 17th February. Follow the steps to mint your NFT:

Join our channels if you don’t want to miss the announcement of the Public Mint!

Telegram Channel:

Telegram group:




12 responses to “How to buy Meta Bounty Hunters NFT?”

  1. […] Do you want to be whitelisted? Click here! […]


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  3. […] If you are still not registered but want to be part of the family, please click here. […]


  4. Having difficulty connecting my per existing meta mask wallet to bounty hunter! Any suggestions??


    1. What is the error message you are receiving?


  5. How much is the nft for public


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